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Camp Lohikan Music Program


Listen and even download our rock band recordings from the summer!

The 2023 Camp Lohikan Rock Band program was extremely successful with our bands and soloists recording in our studio and performing on stage at the Skate Park Amphitheater, the Rec Hall, and the Amphitheater. Our performers sounded great and really rocked! Kudos to all of the performers along with our rock band staff.

To listen to the songs, just click on the song title. If you want to download the songs, right click the song title and save it to your computer, phone, or tablet. Enjoy!

Now all of the performances were very, very good, but here's your chance to tell us which songs and performances you thought were the VERY BEST, and should receive Lohikan's coveted Wally Award which will be announced in February. Voting for the Wallys is available by clicking here.


1st 2 Weeks

Still Into You
"Mariana's Band": Mariana Ferreira (Vocals), Chloe Camacho (Guitar), Lyla Puliafuto (Guitar), Giada Sedge (Keyboards), John Gungor (Bass), Izzy Zarra (Drums)

Hound Dog
"Jack's Band 1": Jack Capobianco (Vocals), Mason Colon (Guitar), Job Dumas (Guitar) Erica O´Reilly (Keyboards, Staff), Julio Ferrer (Bass, Staff), Jacob Wagner (Drums)

Set Fire to the Rain
"Charlottes's Band": Charlotte Graham (Vocals), Jonah Millender (Guitar), Brooks Hohorst (Guitar), Harry Chadakoff (Keyboards), John Gungor (Bass), Max Rabinowitz (Drums)

Living on a Prayer
"Mars' Band": Mars Levine (Vocals), Annalise Bowers (Guitar), John Newhall (Guitar, Staff), Erica O´Reilly (Keyboards, Staff), Julio Ferrer (Bass, Staff), Jacques Groman (Drums)

"Emmy-Zoe Band": Emmy Farber (Vocals), Zoe Nycz (Vocals), Alahna Nichols (Guitar), John Newhall (Guitar, Staff), Erica O´Reilly (Keyboards, Staff), Zoe Felegy (Bass), Andrew Klein (Drums)

Hit Me Baby One More Time
"Lily Lean Band": Lily Lean (Vocals), John Newhall (Guitar, Staff), Julio Ferrer (Keyboards, Staff), Wyeth Clarke (Bass), Lexandre Sasala (Drums)

2nd 2 Weeks

All the Small Things
“Jack's Band:Jack Capobianco (Vocals), Hayden Wood (Guitar), Annalise Bowers (Guitar), Jack McDermott (Keyboards), Ford Bascom (Bass), Kendra Brooks (Drums)

Your Love
“Lean-Farber Band":Lily Lean (Vocals), Emmy Farber (Vocals), Gabby Perdomo (Vocals), Devyn Akiyali (Guitar), Evan Lean (Keyboards), Max Rabinowitz (Bass), Julio Ferrer (Drums, Staff)

Shake It Off
“The Missy-Emma-Shanay Band:Missy Sharp-Pierson (Vocals), Emma Bobkin (Vocals), Shanaya Singh (Vocals), Julio Ferrer (Guitar, Staff), Erica O´Reilly (Keyboards, Staff),   Zoe Felegy (Bass), Tomasz Skowron (Drums, Staff)

*Since U Been Gone
*Due to a technical issue, this is the concert recording.
“Gabriella's Band":Gabriella Cherny (Vocals), Dalia Ismakov (Guitar), Alahna Nichols (Keyboards), Lucia Goldstein (Bass), Luca Buck (Drums)

*That’s What You Get
*Due to a technical issue, this is the concert recording.
“The Graham Nycz Band: Charlotte Graham (Vocals), Zoe Nycz (Vocals), Chloe Camacho (Guitar), Max Camacho (Guitar), Jonah Millender (Keyboards), Harry Chadakoff (Keyboards), Julio Ferrer (Bass), Chris Cascio (Drums)


*Due to a technical issue, this is the concert recording.
“The Parker Gavin Band": Parker Gavin (Vocals), Chloe Camacho (Guitar), Parker Gavin (Guitar), Julio Ferrer (Bass, staff), Izzy Zarra (Drums)

3rd 2 Weeks

Radio Ga Ga
“Another Jack's Band”: Jack Capobianco (vocals), Jake Wagner (guitar), John Newhall (guitar, staff), Erica O´Reilly (keyboards, staff), Julio Ferrer (bass), Izzy Zarra (drums), Leo Blachman (Sax), Bret Silverbush (sax, staff)

Don’t Speak
“The Emmas & Maggie Band": Emma Weissberg (vocals), Emma Bobkin (vocals), Maggie Peters (vocals), Leonard Olander (guitar), John Newhall (guitar, staff), Julia Mituzas (keyboards), Cooper Brown (bass), Julio Ferrer (drums, staff)

Shut Up and Dance
“Gabby & Sophia's Band":Gabby Cherny (vocals), Sophia McGlynn (vocals), Maryam Mursagulova (guitar), Xavier Markels (guitar), Leonard Olander (Guitar), Adara Markels (keyboards), John Newhall (bass, staff), Tomasz Skowron (drums, staff)

“Meadow's Band": Meadow Falgiano (Vocals), Devyn Akyali (Guitar), John Newhall (Guitar, Staff), Carly Bruckmann (Keyboards), Jessica Needel (Bass), Gabby Perdomo (Drums)

The Story of US
“The Tholey Band": Allison Tholey (vocals), Dalia Ismakov (guitar), Luca Buck (guitar), Delancy Shapiro (Guitar), Shane Ebersole (keyboards), Lowan Bowen (drums), Jessica Needel (bass), Bret Silverbush (sax, staff)

“Jordyn's Band":Jordyn Marlow  20A (vocals), Dalia Ismakov (guitar), Mia Demaio (guitar), Abby Gorman (keyboards), Cooper Brown (Bass), Luca Buck (drums)

4th 2 Weeks

Treat You Better
“Maggie's Band: Maggie Peters, Veronica Steele (guitar), John Newhall (Guitar, staff), Jordyn Marlow (keyboards), Jessica Needel (bass), Gabby Perdomo (drums)

Just What I Needed
“Jordyn's Other Band": Jordyn Marlow (vocals), Noah Thomas (guitar), John Newhall (guitar, staff), Julio Ferrer (keyboards, staff), Gabriella Janks (bass), Jessica Needel (Drums)

Smells Like Teen Spirit
“Shefali's Band": Shefali Iver (vocals), Xavier Markels (guitar), Lyle Gala (guitar), Hailey Needel (keyboards), Hannah Arbeenv (bass), Kaia Duffy (drums)

Seven Nation Army
"The Steele Band": Veronica Steele (vocals), Daphne Todas (guitar), John Newhall (guitar, staff), Madison Stokes (keyboards), Tom Skowron (bass, staff), Beau Paz (drums)

You Belong with Me
Emma Tountas - Solo: Emma Tountas (vocals)

American Idiot
“Wilah's Band”: Wilah Haeodorn (vocals), Jacob Wagner (guitar), John Newhall (guitar), Adara Markels (keyboards), Julio Ferrer (bass), Blake Leshowitz (drums)

We Didn't Start the Fire
Jack Capobianco - Solo: Jack Capobianco (vocals)

Jordyn Marlow - Solo:Jordyn Marlow (vocals)

Special RENditions

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