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Let's Play Paintball!

“It’s heart pounding fun!”
“It’s the most adrenaline producing activity!”
“I can’t get enough!”


There’s no doubt that paintball is the most exciting sport to hit the summer camp scene in a long time. Nothing else makes your blood pump like when you’re being “hunted” by the enemy or when you turn the tables and attack the opposition. It’s a thrill that’s unique to paintball and it’s really a lot of fun!

Camp Lohikan has 2 paintball fields which cover over 10 acres of woods, fields and streams. We have a 4 acre speedball field with numerous man-made and natural objects (bunkers) including a 500 square foot building structure. We also have a woodsball playing field which offers players a variety

Paintball at Camp Lohikan

of terrains and all types of cover. The woodsball field covers over 6 acres surrounding a mountain top which is perfect for those “King of the Hill” games! Paintball is an exciting fast-paced, action-packed sport! It’s a sport you can enjoy if you’re big or small or even fast or slow! Girls and boys enjoy the game equally.

At Camp Lohikan we operate the paintball activity just like the commercial professional fields back home. Every participant attends a safety orientation where safety rules and regulations are reviewed and practiced before playing games. Safety headgear is worn at all times during the activity. Experienced instructors and referees operate the activity and manage the games.

While paintball is a fun recreational activity, at Camp Lohikan, paintball is also an activity where skills and values like sportsmanship are taught. Game strategies teach teamwork and decision-making skills. Playing on a team promotes camaraderie and broadens friendships in camp in so far as girls and boys, young and old, get to play together on teams. Paintball teaches a lot of important life skills but campers do it mostly for one reason... IT'S FUN!


Paintball Camp is a special program designed to train players to work as a team for competing in the Inter-Camp Paintball Tournaments which are scheduled every two weeks during the summer. Players are of every age and ability and assigned to teams of similar age and skill level. Teams are fielded by nearby camps and tournament games are scheduled by age/skill level.

Paintball Camp is a great program for campers who want to take their game to a more competitive level and test their skills in tournament play. The games are AWESOME!

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Paintball at Camp Lohikan