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Jet Skiing at Camp
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Jet Skiing is a Blast!

Aquatics at Camp Lohikan

Jet Skiing at Camp Lohikan

Lohikan's waterfront program wouldn't be complete without jet skiing! Jet skis bring a level of excitement to the waterfront that's hard to beat! And as long as you pass your swim test... You can do it!

Jet skis are operated on a course set up in the south east corner of Lohikan’s lake. Campers are given a thorough safety briefing and oriented in the operation of the jet ski before setting out on the course.

Safety is priority #1. In the case of jet skiing, every camper is accompanied by a Jet Ski Specialist who is also an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard. The instructor rides with the camper and provides guidance as the camper negotiates the jet ski course we have set up in an isolated area of our lake. The instructor is always tethered to the jet ski's safety cut-off switch so there's never a chance of the camper operating the jet ski alone. In addition, campers and staff are always required to wear a personal floatation device whenever they are engaged in a lake activity.