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Golf at Camp Lohikan

Awesome Golf Program


The golf program at Camp Lohikan is perfect for the serious golfer who wants to take his/her game to the next level as well as the camper who wants to learn the basics to enjoy the game of golf.

The golf activity is operated daily and is instructed by our resident golf pro and a staff of college level players. Campers are evaluated and assigned to instructional groups of the same skill level. The instructor to camper ratio is better than 1 to 5.

Beginner through advanced instruction is provided in the daily program. Instruction emphasizes all aspects of the game including:

Golf at Camp Lohikan

the full swing, chipping, putting, bunker play and mental preparation.

The program utilizes a six hole pitch and putt course, sand trap, putting green and driving range which are all located on the camp premises. We also utilize a local nine hole course for recreational play and instruction. Golf trips to the local course are optional trips.

Camp Lohikan provides all of the necessary golf supplies and equipment. Campers who wish to bring their own golf clubs are permitted to do so.

Golf at Camp Lohikan

The Golf Clinic Program

In addition to providing golf instruction and recreational playing time on a daily basis, Camp Lohikan offers a Golf Clinic Program where interested campers can immerse themselves in an instructional program that operates 3-4 hours a day for 4 consecutive days. Concentrating the camper's attention in this manner produces better skill development in a shorter time period.

Instruction is provided on the camp's pitch and putt course, driving range, short game area, and putting green. Beginner/Intermediate Golf Clinics are scheduled every week of the summer. ...And the best part is they're FREE! Click here for the form.

Free Golf Clinic Registration

Advanced Golf One-Day Clinic

In addition to the beginner/intermediate Golf Clinic, Camp Lohikan also offers an Advanced Golf One-Day Clinic. This is a full day program for campers 11 years and older who have participated in the beginner/intermediate golf clinic or who have been evaluated as an advanced skill level player while at camp.

In the morning of the advanced golf clinic, participants practice on the camp's pitch and putt course with the instructors and review grip, stance, balance, rhythm, set up routine, the full swing and the short game. A review of golf rules, etiquette, and sportsmanship is part of the program.

After lunch, participants are taken to our local nine hole golf course and receive one-on-one instruction with a golf instructor while playing the course.

Advanced Golf One-Day Clinics are held every two weeks.

The fee for the Advanced Golf One-Day Clinic is $50.00. CLICK HERE to register for the the Advanced Player One-Day Clinic.

Advanced Golf Clinic Registration