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Fencing at Camp Lohikan

Learn to Fence This Summer!


Fencing is a lot of FUN to watch but it’s even MORE FUN TO DO! Now YOU can learn to FENCE this summer!

You’ll start fencing by learning the proper fencing position. Then you’ll learn how to hold the weapon, how to make correct touches, and after some practice, you’ll learn how to attack, parry, and lunge! It’s a lot of FUN!

Campers learn the rules and techniques of foil, epee, and saber fencing and are taught by college-age,

experienced fencing specialists under the leadership of the program director. All of the fencing and safety equipment is supplied. This includes the fencing mask, chest guard, jacket, gloves, and weapon (foil/epee/sabre).

As campers advance in skills they learn more complex blade-work and competitive tactics. They will also have the opportunity to participate in camp fencing bouts. And as you can imagine, they’re FUN to watch, but even MORE FUN TO DO!