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From Fall 2021 to Current


9/10/23: Thanks for a GREAT SUMMER Email. We thank Lohikanites from 2023 for a GREAT SUMMER! We've got our Early Bird Prices posted along with fun slide shows and videos.

April 2023

04/24/23: Check out our "Don't Miss the BIGGEST Sam Chat" email with news about our big Instagram Live event at camp on Saturday, April 29th at 5:00pm. There's more news in this email (clinics, trips, Wally Awards, Open House), but the you don't want to miss this event at @camplohikanphotos on Instagram.
04/19/23: Check out our More April News. This news blast has got more news for Summer '23 and announces our annual "Psyched for Summer" Campaign.

March-April 2023

04/10/23: Check out our April Email News! It is is jam packed with news on so much including Free Clinics, 2022 Rock Band Songs and Wally Awards Voting, Wayne County Fair for Seniors, Optional Dorney Park Trip, New Camp Shirt, Chris Schultz Marathon, Sam Chats recording, and even more.
03/30/23: Check out our Sam Chat Tonight Email! This is a reminder email for another one of our "Sam Chats" events on Instagram plus news on trips, free clinics, video memories, and returning staff. Take a look and enjoy. If you missed the Sam Chats, we will post a video copy soon.
03/26/23: Check out our 91 Days "Til Camp! News Blast! We've got a cool virtual tour of Lohikan, the next Sam Chats announcement (March 30th-7pm), trip info, free clinics, and videos from the summer. What a great way to get psyched for the summer!

FEBRUARY-March 2023

03/13/23: Check out our Spring is Here News Blast with optional trip news, our next Sam Chats, contest winners, and more!
02/14/23: Check out our February Happy Valentine's Day Newsletter with lots of great offers.
02/06/23: It's our Winter Reunion Recamp News Blast! Click Here and enjoy. Also check out our Instagram Live from the Reunion and our Winter Reunion Slide Show.


01/24/23: Check out our Winter Reunion News Blast with a Sam Chats video, and Special Offers.
01/16/23: Check out our January Winter News Blast and Sam Chats Announcement.
01/11/23: Click Here for information on our annual Winter Reunion which will be held on Saturday, January 28th from 10am-1pm at Space Events in Englewood, NJ.


12/31/22: Happy New Year from Camp Lohikan! Check out our New Year email with details on the Winter Reunion and FREE Clinics.
12/20/22: Click Here to view our annual Happy Holidays Printed/PDF Newsletter along with news on our Free Holiday Clinic Offers and the Winter Reunion.
11/22/22: Happy Thanksgiving Email and News Blast! Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Lohikan. Check out why we are thankfull and also don't forget take look at some recent camp news and deadlines between your servings of turkey and mashed potatoes.

SEPTEMBER-October 2022

11/04/22: Our Post Halloween News Blast! Lost of contest results (Pumpkin, Evening Activity, and Costume) along with more news and deadlines.
10/27/22: Sam Chats Video! Sam Rubinstein recently did an Instagram Live Session with special guests Alyssa Tarabini, Callum Blythe, and Jon Aronoff. It was a lot of fun, and you can view the video recording by clicking here.
10/24/22: Click here to view our online Happy Halloween New Blast! Check out all of the contests and registration news.
10/12/22: Click here to view our annual "Do You Remember" October newsletter! It's got everything... Great Summer '22 Memories, Photos, Contests, Special Offers, and more. And click here here for the email that delivered the newsletter.
10/07/22: Click here to check out our Happy October News Email which is chock full of great stuff... Fall Free Clinics, Bed Request Info, Pumpkin Pumpkin Contest, and more!
9/28/22: Click here to check out our Parent's Email with the reminder of September 30th deadline for the best pricing for 2023 season.
9/21/22: Sam Chats Video! Sam Rubinstein and Jon Aronoff recently did a "Sam Chats" on Instagram Live with special guests Holly Sides and Mason Dring. It was fun and entertaining. If you missed it, no worries... we've got the video, click here , and enjoy. The next Sam Chats date will be posted here soon!
9/15/22: More Camp News Email. Check out news and details on early enrollment, bed requests, Sam Chats (9/17/22), Parent Notices, and more.
9/2/22: Thanks for a GREAT SUMMER Email. We thank Lohikanites from 2022 for a GREAT SUMMER! We've got our Early Bird Prices posted along with a special coupon code just for returning campers.

May-JUNE 2022

6/05/22: Click Here for our June Covid Protocols Update email.
5/18/22: Click Here for our Summer Reminders email.

April-May 2022

5/12/22: Check out Jon Aronoff's very entertaining "Carpool Karaoke" video that was done at camp this Winter with Dawlton, Zoe, and Amanda.
5/11/22: Check out our online May "45 Days Until Camp" News Blast with a Contest, Special Announcements, New Video, and more!
4/14/22: Check out our online April News Blast with a Contest, Free Private Lessons, Free Clinics, Video Links, and more!
4/14/22: Click here to check out Jon Aronoff's Winter Camp Video Spoof. Great laughs!
4/18/22: Click here to check out Jon Simon's Special Reports and Spoof video ads.
4/5/22: Our Bracket Challenge Winners ... Lindsay Wagner Wins!

March 2022

3/29/22: Spring is Here Email and Online Newsletter.

February 2022

2/24/22: Tuition Deadline Reminder Email. Includes special offers.
2/17/22: February Online Newsletter with our $100 Campwear Contest, and more special offers.
2/13/22: Happy Valentine's Day Email Includes our annual Like Us Contest.
2/10/22: Winter Reunion Recap Online Newsletter Includes details on Winter Free Clinics, Chris Schultz Marathon Registration, Discounted Lifeguard Course, and more.
2/4/22: Winter Reunion Invite Email Includes links to our February 5th and 6th Instagram Live events.

January 2022

1/19/22: January Online Newsletter Includes details on Winter Reunion, Bucket Hats, Online Events, Community Service, and more.
1/04/22: Instagram Live Event Tonight Email
Includes details on Winter Reunion, Holiday Clinic Form, 2 new summer slide shows, and special offers.


12/17/21: Happy Holidays Email Includes details on Winter Reunion, Holiday Clinic Form, 2 new summer slide shows, and special offers.


10/11/21: Happy Halloween Email & Newsletter Our pdf version of our "Do You Remember" printed newsletter and more.


09/28/21: Fall Newsletter (Online) Free Horseback Riding Offer, Fall Free Clinics, Bed Reservation Form, Contest, Pen Pals, and more.