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Cheerleading at Camp Lohikan

Cheerleading Is Fun

Cheerleading at Camp Lohikan

If you love to dance and cheer, you're just the person we're looking for! At Camp Lohikan you'll learn dances, stunts, cheers, chants, jumps and other fun cheerleading activities!

The Cheerleading Program is designed for campers of all abilities. Once in camp, campers are personally evaluated and placed into a group with other campers of similar age and abilities. Instructional classes are geared to the specific level of the participants. No one is pushed beyond his/her ability and all instruction is conducted in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

Cheerleading at Camp Lohikan

Beginners start with dances, cheers, chants and tumbling routines. Intermediate level cheerleaders are formed into squads and practice stunt basics starting with the fundamentals of bases and fliers. Advanced level cheerleading squads learn how to incorporate stunts, jumps and gymnastics into cheers and chants. They also practice more advanced stunts, transitions, and pyramids.


Our cheerleading clinics accomplish all of the above in a four-day clinic. You'll improve more than you ever thought possible. With a low camper to staff ratio and 2-3 hours of practice a day for the 4 day clinic, you'll be ready for the Wayne County Camp Dance & Cheerleading Competitions scheduled this summer! It's FUN! Click here for more info.