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Creative Arts Is Fun

...especially at Camp Lohikan!!!


If you like creating art, Lohikan is the camp for you! At Camp Lohikan you will find dozens of arts activities that will spark your creative talents. You’ll also find wonderful instructors who know how to teach and encourage the artist in you! Three professional artists/teachers direct the program and 14 college-enrolled art instructors staff our Creative Arts Department.

The Creative Arts Department is divided into six specialty areas: (1) Arts & Crafts, (2) Painting & Drawing, (3) Ceramics & Pottery, (4) T-Shirt Factory (includes silk screening, tie dyeing), (5) Woodworking, and (6) Rocketry.

Creative Arts Program at Camp Lohikan


Arts & Crafts features instruction in over 20 different mediums including: stained glass, leather craft, paper making, macrame, fimo jewelry, basket weaving, air brush, lanyards, braiding, weaving, papier mache, enameling, nature crafts, block printing, puppetry, needle craft, mask making, bead craft, plaster projects, decoupage, string art, cartooning, and calligraphy.


Campers are taught a variety of painting techniques using acrylic paints and canvas. Classes in water color painting, charcoal and pencil drawing are also offered. Camper artists display their artwork during our July and August Parent Visiting Days. It’s a GREAT art show!

Creative Arts Program at Camp Lohikan


Campers who want to create art with clay will learn a lot this summer! You'll be sculpting, hand building, throwing pots, firing clay, and glazing to your heart’s content. The Ceramics Building is equipped with 6 wheels, 2 kilns and more than 6,000 lbs of clay! Let’s have FUN!


The T-Shirt Factory is where your fashion creativity will be let loose! Campers learn silk screening techniques, tie dyeing styles, batiking and fabric painting methods and even create new fashions and designs. We've had campers outfit their entire cabins with cutting-edge t-shirts and other campwear items produced in the T-Shirt Factory.

Creative Arts Program at Camp Lohikan


Our woodworking studio is fully equipped and ready to tackle the wildest woodworking project you can think of! In the past camper artists have made chairs, game tables, and everything from mail boxes and clocks to napkin holders and bird houses.


Campers design, build, and launch model rockets throughout the summer! The work of designing and building the rocket is only part of the fun. Successfully launching the rocket is a real thrill!