Newsletter Summer Camp


Horseback RidingExtreme Sports are adrenalin-producing activities that are a notch above everything else in terms of excitement! And now we’ve added a NEW ONE! We already operate GREAT Paintball, Jet Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Dirt Biking, Quad Riding and a load of Adventure Activities. “What more can you add?” you might ask…

Get ready for LASER TAG this summer! What’s great about Laser Tag is that it’s for all ages… juniors, inters and seniors! And it’s included in the regular daily camp program! Even juniors will be getting a period of laser tag in their cabin schedule!

The Laser Tag activity will feature a wide variety of team based games like Capture the Flag Laser Tag, Black Ops Laser Tag, Zombie Laser Tag (done at night!), Cross-Country Laser Tag and more! There’s one thing for sure… You’ll have FUN!

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