Thanks for a GREAT SUMMER filled with great friendships, memories, and FUN!

Overnight Summer Camp | Free Choice ProgramCheck out our October Newsletter with our annual “Do You Remembers”, fun photos from Summer ’18, great special offers for returning campers, Jon Arnoff’s Contest, Winter Reunion details, Rock Band song downloads, and so much more. Check it out by clicking here.



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It’s finally Spring! That means summer will be here soon! I can’t wait. Camp Lohikan’s Program Staff can’t wait either. We’ve got boxes filled with surprises for you this summer! For instance, get ready for some magic you’ve never seen before… Wilzig the Magician is in the house this summer! How about a New Clinic… the “Activity Design Clinic!” This is where you get together with other creative campers and brainstorm NEW camp activities! Kind of reminds me of Senior Experiment Week only BIGGER! And how about doubling the size of the Woodworking and Cooking Activities? And you’ve heard of Sundae Sundaes right? What do you think about Waterslide Wednesdays? And that’s just the beginning…

Check out our March Newsletter for details on cabin upgrades, intercamp games, returning staff news, clinics, FREE private lessons, paint parties, Lohikan Idol, Gnome Fest, the SwimFaster Clinic, Chris Schultz Marathon, videos from last summer, and a cool photo collage. CLICK HERE.



HAPPY DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! Spring is just around the corner! I’m excited because summer’s not that far off… Camp is only 99 days away! As you can imagine this is a busy time of the year. Camper enrollments are pouring in, staffing for 2018 is in its final stage, numerous campsite projects are in progress, and then there’s the snow and cold weather! It’ been a crazy winter, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Spring … and I can’t wait for SUMMER! 99 DAYS!!!

Getting ready for Summer Camp in the Best Place - Wayne County, PA

This newsletter will get you ready for Spring and thinking about Summer with a Free Private Lesson offer, a memorable DJ Todd Yahney video, Wayne County Fair information, Free Clinics Sign-Up Form, the “Antics” Musical Slide Show, Chris Schultz’s Trivia Contest, and more! Check out the news by CLICKING HERE.



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It’s been snowy and cold at camp, and then on February 21st it had 70 degrees, which has really got us thinking about summer! It’s now a bit colder and in line with typical February weather at camp. Despite the weather, we really have a lot going on at camp and enhancements in the works for this summer. Winter is definitely here with lots of cold weather and snow at camp, but don’t despair, Camp is only 134 days away!

Despite the weather, we really have a lot going on at camp and enhancements in the works for this summer… Expanding the cooking activity, Expanding the woodworking activity, Big landscaping improvements, Great new eveing activities, Mel and Carol Nash are back running the SwimFaster Clinic, More Laser Tag, The Magic Show, and lots more. Check out the news by CLICKING HERE.

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Sunny Day at Camp LohikanHello Everyone! Jon Aronoff here. Mark let me write this month’s Holiday Newsletter and now it’s off my bucket list!

I can’t believe that it’s already time for the holidays! Enjoy this edition of the newsletter with tons of news and hellos from our staff, Winter Reunion Info, Rock Band Program songs and voting, an interesting contest, Dorney Park Trip Dates, SwimFaster Update, Lifeguard Course registration info, Holiday Free Clinic details, and so much more. CLICK HERE! for our December newsletter. Enjoy! Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

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Camp Lohikan - FunThanks for a GREAT SUMMER filled with great friendships, memories, and FUN!

As summer ends, the days get shorter and life gets busier with school and work. Summer memories are valuable, especially now! Newsletters help us keep the spirit of Camp Lohikan alive year long! We hope that you enjoy reading the “Official Do You Remembers” along with details of special offerings for 2018, contest, summer videos, rock band music, and much more. CLICK HERE! for our September-October newsletter. Enjoy!

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Camp LohikanNothing brings back those great memories of last summer in camp like the Camp Newsletters! Sure, daily Instagrams feature photos taken during the summer which always bring a smile to your face. But newsletters feature not only photos, newsletters feature camp news! News about new things at camp, news about your favorite counselors, camper stories and news about things that get you psyched for the next summer. For a sample Camp Lohikan newsletter, CLICK HERE!

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Horseback RidingExtreme Sports are adrenalin-producing activities that are a notch above everything else in terms of excitement! And now we’ve added a NEW ONE! We already operate GREAT Paintball, Jet Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Dirt Biking, Quad Riding and a load of Adventure Activities. “What more can you add?” you might ask…

Get ready for LASER TAG this summer! What’s great about Laser Tag is that it’s for all ages… juniors, inters and seniors! And it’s included in the regular daily camp program! Even juniors will be getting a period of laser tag in their cabin schedule!

The Laser Tag activity will feature a wide variety of team based games like Capture the Flag Laser Tag, Black Ops Laser Tag, Zombie Laser Tag (done at night!), Cross-Country Laser Tag and more! There’s one thing for sure… You’ll have FUN!

Newsletter Summer Camp


The 2016 Camp Lohikan Rock Band program was extremely successful with our bands and soloists recording in our studio and performing on stage at the Skate Park Amphitheater, the Rec Hall, the Amphitheater, and even the Sports Center. Our performers sounded great and really rocked! Kudos to all of the performers along with Perry Orfanella and his music staff.

Here’s your chance to enjoy our performers again! To listen to the songs, just click on the song title. If you want to download the songs, right click the song title and save it to your computer, phone, or tablet. Enjoy!

  • “When the Saints Go Marching In”
    Band: Prehistorock: George Orfanella (trumpet), Morgan Borum (trumpet), Ryan Calhoun (trombone), Cyma Berk (clarinet), Annalea Forrest (bass), Perry Orfanella (banjo), Jeremy Booth (drums)
  • “Renegades/Let It Go”
    Band: Sing, Donovan, Sing: Kayla Kerrigan (vocals), Charlotte Birsh (guitar), Jeanne Laffourcade (keyboard), Gabe Savage (bass), Donovan Mierlak (drums)
  • “Message in a Bottle”
    Band: Every Booth Is Ivan: Emma Booth (vocals), Alex Wienner (guitar), Julia Rothstein (drums), Darien Hunter (bass), Nicole Zilker (keyboard)
  • “Camisado”
    Band: The Emojis: Julia Rothstein (vocals), Jordyn Kurlander (guitar, vocals), Gabe Savage (keyboard), Darien Hunter (bass), Jeremy Booth (drums)
  • “Riptide”
    Band: The Open Notebook: Cyma Berk (guitar, vocals), Alex Wienner (drums), Annalea Forrest (bass), Nicole Zilker (keyboard)