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Camp Lohikan Important Dates

Summer '24 Calendar

Get Ready for a GREAT SUMMER!


June 30th: Camp begins - Welcome Campfire!!!!

July 1st: The Big Counselor & Staff Talent Show. Special Edition Monday Sundaes!

July 2nd: Night of the Classics Night - Odds. Wayne County Inter Camps begin.

June 3rd: Night of the Classics Night #- Evens. Ryan Lemberger's Wacky Waterslide Event. British Lunch.

July 4th: July 4th Doo Dah Parade and Fireworks!

July 5th: Senior Paint Party. Senior Game Show Night with tons of SLIME! Hawaiian Pool Party for Juniors & Inters. Pizza Parties for Night of the Classics Winners!

July 6th: Big Splash Pool Party & Social for Seniors. Double Dare Game Show Night for Juniors & Inters. Lucky Lotto Lunch!

July 7th: Campfire with Lonnie the Pie Man... He's back!!! Schultz Mtn. Marathon. Sunday Sundaes!

July 8th: Las Vegas Casino Night... The Sports Center never looks better than this!

July 9th: Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom Optional Trip for Inters & Seniors! The 50's Social with cookies and refreshments.

July 10th: Water Carnival for Juniors & Inters. Senior Beach Party & BBQ Bash. Brittany's "90's Music" Dance Recital.

July 11th: X-Games Competition. Julio's Evening Rock Concert at the Amphitheater.

July 12th: Inter Camp Horse Show. Kimmy's Big Top Circus Show!

July 13: Improv Mania Night.

July 14th: Hello Campfire... What song parody do Jon Aronoff & John Newhall have in store for us?

July 15th: Monday Sundaes! Mtv Night - Evens... Gotta have the best dance moves & lip syncing to win this one.

July 16th: Mtv Night - Odds. Taco Tuesday!

July 17th: Waterslide Wednesday! The Sadie Hawkins Chase. Pizza Parties Nights for Mtv Night Winners! Lucky Lotto Lunch!

July 18th: Sadie Hawkins Social with Camper DJ's. Mustache for Dinner?!

July 19th: Dutch Auction for Juniors & Inters. Camper Challenge Tournaments for Seniors.

July 20th: Let's Make A Deal Night. Camp Carnival and Senior Alhoa Afternoon Beach Party! Mystery Guest Day?!

July 21st: Caribbean Pool Party for Juniors & Inters. Tick Tock Social for Seniors. Sunday Sundaes!

July 22nd: "Dunk Tank" Campfire. Schultz Mtn. Marathon. Twins & Triplets Day. Senior Paint Party!

July 23rd: Evening "Motown Themed" Dance Recital. Camper-Counselor Day!

July 24th: Rock Concert and X-Games at the Skate Park. Coin Hunt for Juniors & Inters. Tiki Lounge Pool Party for Seniors.

July 25th: Italian Dinner Night. Night of the Super Stars.

July 26th: First Half Prom and Banquet!

July 27th: Super Bowl Dinner with pizza & wings! Movie Madness Night with popcorn.

July 28th: Welcome Campfire!

July 29th: Special Monday Sundaes! Lip Sync Night - Odds.

July 30th: Lip Sync Night - Evens. Lucky Lotto Lunch!

July 31st: Junior/Inter Tropical Pool Party. Senior Camper Escape Room Challenge. Waterslide Event & Paint Party.

August 1st: Atlantic City Night with special Circus Floor Show. Schultz Mtn. Marathon. Pizza Parties for Lip Sync Winners!

August 2nd: The 80's Social with our favorite DJ, Kyle Cunningham.

August 3rd: Tribal Survival and Bragging Rites. Scavenger Hunt for Juniors & Inters. Senior Camper Buzzer Game Show Night.

August 4th: Campfire with Celebrity Guests. Mexican Madness Dinner!

August 5th: Kitchen Sink Auctions for Juniors. Camper Capture the Flag Matches for Inters. Chris Schultz Senior Camper Movie Trivia Challenge with big prizes.

August 6th: Evening Camper Rock Band Concert at the Amphitheater.Pirate Day.

August 7th: Afternoon Horse Show with Ribbons. Sammy Hawkins Chase. Lucky Lotto Lunch!

August 8th: Optional Wayne County Fair Trip for Seniors. Sammy Hawkins Neon Disco Social. Inter Camper Paint Party!

August 9th: X-Games Competition. Kimmy Shaffer's Circus Show Extravaganza. Sunglasses for Breakfast.

August 10th: Deal or No Deal... Campers vs. The Senior Staff!

August 11th: Welcome Campfire!

August 12th: Special Monday Sundaes! Big Sing Night - Evens... Let's all sing along! .

August 13th: Big Sing Night - Odds. Polka Dot Day & Polka Dog Lunch!?

August 14th: Lohikan Idol begins! Big Splash Pool Party for Juniors & Inters. Senior Camper "Tag You're It" Challenge.

August 15th: Wacky Wednesay Afternoon. Halloween Social with prizes! Schultz Marathon #4. Pizza Parties Nights for Big Sing Winners!

August 16th: Camper Counselor Day! Horse Races for Juniors. Kitchen Sink Auctions for Inters. Senior Big Wave Pool Party.

August 17: Junior/Inter Amazing Race Day. Senior Camper Lake Challenges & Beach BBQ! Mike's Mic Mimic Night for Juniors & Inters. Coffee House Talent Show for Seniors.

August 18th: Sunday Sundaes! Lohikan Idol Campfire... who will be the winner?

August 19th: Waterslide afternoon. Double Dare Game Show for Juniors & Inters. Karaoke Contest for Seniors.

August 20th: Evening Dance Recital. Chief Lohikan Ceremony!

August 21st: Big Second Half Drama Production. Senior Paint Party.

August 22nd: Afternoon Rock Concert and X-Games at the Skate Park. 2nd Half Prom & Banquet... the best meal of the summer!

August 23rd: Closing Ceremonies and the Burning of the "L".

August 24th: Camp ends