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Barn Buddy Program 2024

Camp Lohikan's Barn Buddy Program allows qualified campers to spend extra time working with the horses and assisting with barn duties. Usually, campers who participate in the Barn Buddy Program are campers who love horses, are experienced working with horses, and are happy spending as much time as possible at the stables. Participation in Camp Lohikan's Barn Buddy Program is available free of charge.

Barn Buddy positions at Camp Lohikan are limited and only available to campers who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Have attended one of Camp Lohikan's Horse Care Clinics.
  2. Have experience working with horses.
  3. Are evaluated by the Director of Horsemanship as being mature enough to be able to take direction and assume responsibilities at the barn.
  4. Supervision of the Barn Buddies is the responsibility of the Horseback Riding Director so the director must have confidence in the ability of the barn buddy to follow the safety rules and regulations of the program without direct supervision.
  5. The Barn Buddy Program is restricted to inter and senior campers. Time scheduled as a Barn Buddy will supercede activities listed on the camper's daily activity card used in the elective program.


Since the Barn Buddy positions are so limited and the program is so popular, we have instituted an application process whereby interested campers can be assured an opportunity to be evaluated by the horseback riding director during the summer provided that form/application is complete below.

Once evaluated by the horseback riding director as being qualified for a position as a Barn Buddy, if the position exists, the horseback riding director will contact the camper's parents and direct them to complete the Barn Buddy Release Form which is reproduced on the reverse side of this application form.

The camper's parent must also completeand submit the Barn Buddy Program Release Agreement which is found at the bottom of this form

Campers accepted as Barn Buddies will be assigned a wide variety of barn related duties including: feeding the horses, grooming, possibly tacking, lead walking horses for beginner riders, and assisting in general barn duties. While barn staff members will always be present at the stables, direct supervision of campers assisting at the program will not be possible. Consequently, campers acting as Barn Buddies must be experienced working with horses and have the maturity to assume and perform their responsibilities without the presence of a staff instructor.