The introductory tuition discounts listed below expire May 31, 2017. This special tuition offer is extended to first-time Lohikan campers. Also extended to first-time Lohikan campers is our Great Camp Guarantee which is described below.

Discount Tuition
for campers entering 7th grade and younger.
Discount Tuition
for campers entering 8th, 9th, or 10th grade.
Full Season
June 25 - August 18
1st Six Weeks
June 25 - August 4
2nd Six Weeks
July 9 - August 18
First Half
June 25 - July 22
Middle Half
July 9- August 4
Second Half
July 23 - August 18
13 Day Session
June 25 - July 7
14 Day Session
July 9 - July 22
13 Day Session
July 23 - August 4
13 Day Session
August 6 - August 18
Mini Camp
August 18 - August 24



Camp Lohikan’s program is designed to accommodate all of the enrollment sessions listed above. While our evening activities and special events do not repeat during the summer, we design our calendar of events, trips, intercamp games and clinics so as to equalize the fun and excitement of camp throughout the 55 day season.

Campers are assigned to cabins according to their age, grade and session enrolled. Our goal is to have cabin groups start and end their session together. Bunk requests are honored as long as the campers are entering the same grade and enrolled for the same session.

There is a price difference between the first and second half sessions in order to equalize demand for the half season session. In no way does it reflect the content of the program or the quality of the camp experience. Many families schedule vacations in August and, if the 8 week enrollment period is not a possibility, a July enrollment is the usual choice. July enrollments are also popular with campers who attend schools that start earlier in August.

Great Camp Guarantee – A Lohikan exclusive!

We are so confident that our summer camp experience will be a positive, memorable experience for the first-time Lohikan camper that we guarantee it! And the guarantee is straightforward and ironclad. If for ANY reason a first-time camper decides that camp is not for him or her and returns home, we'll refund the camp tuition for the days the camper leaves early. This is our guarantee... and we know of no other camp that offers the same. The choice is simple... CAMP LOHIKAN!!!



Families enrolling 2 or more children are credited $200.00 for each additional sibling enrolled for the full season. A 6 week session, half session and a 13-14 day session enrollment of a sibling earns a $150.00, $100.00 and $50.00 credit respectively.



Canteen Fund

The Canteen Fund is the only mandatory fee charged in addition to the camp tuition. The Canteen Fund includes an allowance of 2 items at the snack shop 4 to 5 days per week. It also includes trip admissions for our amusement park trips in July and in August.  The Canteen Fund also includes the official camp t-shirt which is worn on intercamp games and off-camp trips.  The 2017 canteen charges are as follows: Full Season = $290.00;  Six Weeks = $200.00; First Half Season = $160.00; Second Half Season = $160.00; Middle Half Season = $120.00; Two Weeks = $60.00 (7/9-7/22 & 7/23-8/4) and $120.00 (6/25-7/7 & 8/6-8/18). 



Baggage Transportation

Camp Lohikan's Bus & Baggage Service is optional. Bus & Baggage Service is available 5 days during the camp season: (1) June 25th, (2) July 22nd, (3) July 23rd, (4) August 18th, (5) August 4th (only Manhasset, NY and Union County, NJ). We service the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore areas on dates 1-4 above. The charge for the Bus & Baggage Service is $180.00 round trip or $95.00 one-way except the Baltimore stop. The Baltimore service is $190.00 round trip or $100.00 one-way. There is a 1 duffel and 1 trunk limit.


Airport Transportation

Camp Lohikan provides transportation to and from the Newark, New Jersey Airport and JFK and LaGuardia Airports in New York. The transportation from the Newark Airport (Newark, New Jersey – Liberty Airport) is $185.00 one-way. The charge is reduced to $120.00 one-way when two or more siblings travel together. Transportation from the JFK or LaGuardia Airport in New York is $210.00 one-way ($145.00 when 2 or more campers are traveling together).


Extra Program Fees

All of the camp's daily activities are included in the camp's tuition except for: Extra Horseback Riding, Jet Skiing, Quads (4 wheeler ATV's) and Paintball. Horseback Riding is included in the tuition at no extra charge for 1 period (1 hour) a week. Extra Horseback Riding is available in units of 2 periods a week at the rate of $25.00 a period.  Jet Skiing, Quads, and Dirt Bike Riding are scheduled in units of 2 periods a week and are charged at the rate of $15.00 a period.  Paintball sessions are offered as a special activity at a cost of $30.00 per session (3 hours).


Friday, August 18 - Thursday, August 24th

Camp Lohikan's full 55 day season ends on August 18th but the fun continues!   In late August every summer we operate our MINI-CAMP PROGRAM which is designed to give first-time campers a taste of the ultimate sleep-away camp experience!

Campers sleep in cabins with counselors, participate in a full day of camp activities and join in some of our best evening activities!

The MINI-CAMP daily program differs from our summer program in that quad riding, jet skiing, unlimited horseback riding, and the canteen allowance are included in the MINI-CAMP tuition at no extra charge. In addition to these activities MINI-CAMP features: Tennis, Swimming, Waterfront Activities, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Archery, Volleyball, Hiking, Ropes Course, Zip Line and a super cabin overnight!

First-time campers receive the ultimate in care and attention during MINI-CAMP that is possible with our 1 to 3 staff to camper ratio! There is no better staff to camper ratio and no more experienced camp staff available. MINI-CAMP is perfect for first-timers!

This summer's MINI-CAMP is available in a 7 day session (August 18-24) and tuition is $900.00.

If you'd like more information regarding MINI-CAMP, please telephone Ian Whitehead at our camp office at 908-470-9317.

From June 16, 2016 through August 31, 2016 Ian Whitehead can be reached at 570-798-2707.


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