Sports Activities are the best part of summer camp for our sports minded campers. Professional instruction, fun recreational play, and exciting inter-camp games are featured in over 20 different sports!

Individual Sports

  • Tetherball
  • Track & Field
  • Weightlifting & Fitness Training
  • Fencing
  • Aerobics
  • Cheerleading

Other Sports

Quality Sports Instruction

Each sports activity site is organized with a department head who is a professional in the sport.  Staff instructors are specialists who are handpicked for their sports knowledge and their ability to relate this knowledge to children.


Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is based upon our experience that learning with FUN is the best way for kids to learn. Activity instruction covers the fundamentals and from there progresses to address every aspect of the sport. From beginner to advanced, campers learn at their own pace in a fun, relaxed, stress-free environment.


Noncompetitive Environment

Lohikan is a no-pressure, noncompetitive camp.  Our Sports Program concentrates on skill development, recreational play and having fun with friends.  Instruction is important and skill level certifications are awarded in all of our activities.  However, campers are never forced into uncomfortable situations where there's a possibility of being "shown up".  The camp atmosphere is one of support and encouragement.  We want our campers to feel free to try new activities and not worry about being the "best".


Spirited Inter-Camp Games

While our Daily Activity Program is non-competitive, we do offer a number of activities for campers who thrive on spirited competition. Camp Lohikan offers a full range of summer-long inter-camp games scheduled with over a dozen camps located in Wayne County, PA. (Last summer we had more than 160 inter-camp games!) Teams are open for participation on a voluntary basis to all interested campers. (No tryouts!) Each camper is guaranteed playing time.

Our coaches are professionals who take great care to ensure that the spirit of our Inter-Camp Games is not allowed to influence the values and pleasures of the sport. Good sportsmanship and good character is emphasized at all times.


Tournaments & Leagues

In addition to daily instructional periods and recreational games, a number of Camp Lohikan's sports programs feature in-camp tournaments: The Mickey D's Basketball Tournament, Lohikan's Gold Cup Tennis Tournament, Cabin Flag Football and Soccer Challenges are just a few. Inter-camp games and in-camp tournaments are fun and effective ways to develop the camper's all-around playing skills, build good character, and promote comradeship.


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