Camp Lohikan's SAT Prep Program is a comprehensive prep course that focuses on improving verbal and math skills and practicing test taking strategies.  The course is taught by a staff of certified teachers and is scheduled in one-hour sessions, four days a week.  Instructor to camper ratio is better than 1 to 5.

Each participant will receive a study package designed to strengthen verbal and math skills when not in class. When in class, instructors will review the skills required to perform well on the verbal and math segments of the test. Participants will also be drilled in test taking strategies by using actual SAT exams. Timing issues, pacing issues, target numbering techniques, and how to break up problems into manageable pieces in order to answer more questions correctly are all addressed. Ultimately, our mission is to help maximize the participant’s comfort, familiarity, and score on the SAT exam!

The SAT prep course has found success in preparing the participants with solid, proven strategies and techniques for SAT success.

The program cost is $30 per week and includes all of the instruction and study materials required.

The SAT PREP COURSE is FREE for new campers who register for the course before May 31st!

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