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Radio Broadcasting, the Dee Jay Clinic, Video Production, Computers, and  Newspaper are all part of Media Arts at summer camp… Camp Lohikan!



Camper Dee Jays broadcast 6 hours a day over the FM band every summer at Camp Lohikan! It's a real radio station! Campers and our Radio Activity Instructors write shows, conduct interviews, broadcast camp news… and even play music! “E” (everyone) rated music of course.

Campers into Radio Broadcasting are usually interested in joining Lohikan’s Dee Jay Clinic which is scheduled 4 times this summer. Campers participating in the Dee Jay Clinic learn everything there is to learn about being a Dee Jay! You’ll learn about the dee jay equipment, how to set it up and operate it… everything from the lights, mixers, amps, speakers… and lots of wires! You’ll learn how to put together a music set and add digital effects. And you’ll get to perform your talents LIVE! Yep, you’ll headline a super evening dance extravaganza this summer!!! The Dee Jay Clinic is a FREE CLINIC! Sign up here.



Video Production is great activity for those who want to learn how to shoot video (i.e., be a camera operator), be video taped (be a reporter or actor!), edit video (produce a movie!), or all of the above! 

Campers receive instruction from specialists in the field using the latest digital equipment including camcorders, editing software and computers. 

Campers write, shoot, edit and produce their own video shows in camp! And they’re really good!!! Campers have produced music videos, comedy acts, broadcast news shows, and lots more. 

What’s great is that our dining hall is equipped with a high powered video projector which is used during meal times so everyone gets to screen the latest camper video work of art! A star is born at every meal at Camp Lohikan!



The computer room is where you’ll find specialty instructors conducting classes in desktop publishing, graphics, web design, digital art, digital photography software, digital video editing and more. 

Next to the computer room is the computer game room. This is the one activity in camp where campers are restricted in the amount of time they can schedule in the elective program… The computer games are popular and little instruction is needed. In fact, you might say the campers know more about the games than the adults!



The Email Activity is a busy place during the summer! This is where you can compose send your emails every day! You can send emails to mom and dad, friends and family... every day if you want! You just sign up for the email activity and you're in! The Email Activity is part of the camp program and included in the camp tuition.

Campers can also receive emails during the summer. Emails are printed and collated and delivered to the camper with the daily cabin mail. Sending emails to the campers is managed through CampMinder, the same service that hosts the camp's daily photo gallery.



A camp newspaper is published and distributed every day at Camp Lohikan. Campers write, type, proof, and publish their work with the help of specialty instructors. All camper contributions are accepted including jokes, cartoons, fictional articles, reporting, etc. It makes good reading at lunch!



In addition to the Media Arts Program there’s a lot more arts goin’ on at Camp Lohikan… Check out the Theater Program, Dance Program, Music Program, Circus Arts Program  & Flying Trapeze, and the Creative Arts Program.



Music is in the air from morning ‘til night at Camp Lohikan!  Beginner to advanced instruction is available on a daily basis in guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals.  Specialty instructors teach the fundamentals to beginners and work on technique and perfecting the skills of our more advanced campers.  Weekly performances provide camper musicians and singers with numerous opportunities to showcase their talents.   Campers’ favorites include: Lohikan’s Campfire Showcase Series, July & August Talent Shows, Skit Nights... and let's not forget the Camp-A-Palooza Concerts!   Talkin’ about concerts, if you’re a rocker or wanna be a rocker, you’ve got to check out the Rock Band Program!



A very popular workshop offered within Lohikan's Music Department is the Rock Band Program. Whether you’re a beginner or accomplished musician we’ve got a band for you! Campers participating in the Rock Band Program are grouped with other campers based upon age, ability and musical interest. Small group instruction in guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals is provided by specialty instructors.

During the week-long session campers work with specialty instructors on original music as well as classic rock tunes. Each band is assigned a producer who prepares the band for its debut performance. After a week of instruction, rehearsals and teamwork (2-3 periods a day), the band takes the stage and performs a set in one of Lohikan’s Camp-A-Palooza Concerts. The concerts are awesome! …And Rock Band participants receive a CD copy of their performances too!

The concerts are scheduled as an evening activity or an afternoon special event and there are hundreds of fans in attendance!  Venues include the Skate Park Lounge, the Lohikan Bowl, and the Cavern.  As curtain time approaches the excitement builds and the camper audience can be heard yelling out encouraging cheers for their bunkmate Rockers!  Then the bands hit the stage, one by one playing their favorite tunes and rockin' the camp!  It's a lot of fun to watch, but it's even more fun to be on stage and perform in front of a live audience.  The applause is unforgettable!

Click here for music from last summer's Camp-A-Palooza live concerts.



The Theatre Program provides campers with professional training in acting techniques with the use of monologues, pantomime, improvisation, scenes and plays. The Musical Theater Program concentrates on song delivery, movement, music, dancing and acting skills.  Tech Theatre classes cover costuming, make-up, set design and construction, lighting design and sound engineering.

Campers who elect to participate in one of the camp’s theatrical performances receive instruction on a daily basis.  Four quality theatrical performances are produced every summer and every camper with desire and dedication is guaranteed a chance to perform.

In addition to our theatrical performances, campers with acting, singing and musical interests are given the opportunity to perform on stage in front of the entire camp every week of the summer during Lohikan’s “Campfire Showcase Series”.



Lohikan’s Dance Program features classes in: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Choreography, and Aerobics.   Specialty instructors evaluate and place campers with other dancers of similar age and ability.   Beginner through advanced instruction is available in all dance styles on a daily basis.  Campers practice technique, movement, improvisation and choreography in the camp’s fully-equipped dance studio, i.e., sound system, floor to ceiling mirrors, bars, lights, Rosco dance floor, etc.

July and August Dance Recitals are perfect opportunities for our dancers to perform but opportunities abound at camp… Weekly Campfire Showcases are a camper favorite!



Learn the latest Hip Hop moves!!!  Step into the spotlight and “bustamove”… Groove on stage with your buddies…  Or just perfect your favorite dances!   You can do it all at the Hip Hop Clinics.  And they’re scheduled every 2 weeks …with a performance at the end of each clinic!  It’s FUN groovin’ on stage!

Each Hip Hop Clinic is staffed with dance specialists who work individually and in small groups with the campers.  The Hip Hop Clinic is a 4 day program which has everyone breaking, popping, locking and dancing house, capoeira and even making up the latest street funk dance move!  It’s guaranteed to be fun… and “E” (everyone) rated! 



Circus is a huge program that’s extremely popular with our campers.  Campers receive instruction from circus professionals in real live circus acts!  Favorites include:  Flying Trapeze, Rolling Globe, Lyra, Spanish Web, Acrobatics, Unicycle, Rolla Bolla, Devils Stick, Circus Bike, Hand-Balancing, Juggling, Clowning, Tight Wire, and Single/Double/Triple Trapeze.  Two circus performances are scheduled on each of our Visiting Days to showcase the skills of our camper performers.  The parents and kids love it!  

Click here for our Circus Arts Program Flyer.



The Creative Arts Department is one of our most popular departments in camp.  Three professional artists direct the program with the assistance of 14 specialty instructors.  Workshops include:

CERAMICS & POTTERY – It’s all about sculpting, glazing, firing clay and throwing pots.  Seven wheels, 2 kilns and more than 6,000 lbs of clay keep our campers pretty busy!

PAPER-MAKING – Campers make their own special greeting cards, stationery, posters and pretty awesome art work!

LEATHER CRAFT - Punching, stamping, dyeing, stitching and leather design classes are featured in the Leather Craft Activity.  Belts, purses, and key chains are just a few of the projects campers create and personalize. 

T-SHIRT FACTORY – This is one of the most popular workshops in the Creative Arts Department.  Campers learn Silk Screening Techniques and sometimes create special t-shirts for their cabin group or special events like “Rock Band”.  Tie Dyeing is also popular and the t-shirts the campers produce would make Jerry Garcia proud!  Batiking and Fabric Painting are also part of the T-Shirt Factory curriculum and campers produce everything from fancy covered pillows to designer headwear.  It’s all good!

PAINTING & DRAWING – Staff artists teach campers a variety of painting techniques using acrylic paints and canvas.  Classes in water color painting and charcoal and pencil drawing are also conducted.  All artwork is put on display in the Creative Arts Center during our July and August Parent Visiting Days.  It’s a great art show!

STAINED GLASS – In this workshop campers design and solder their own stained glass projects with the help of our specialty instructors.

ARTS & CRAFTS – The activities featured in the Arts and Crafts Workshop change every week.  Classes include: Macrame, Fimo Jewelry, Basket Weaving, Lanyards, Braiding, Weaving, Papier Mache, Enameling, Nature Crafts, Block Printing, Puppetry, Needle Craft, Mask Making, Bead Craft, Plaster Projects, Decoupage, String Art, Nature Crafts, Cartooning, Calligraphy and lots more!

MODEL BUILDING ROCKETRY - Campers design, build and launch Estes brand and custom model rockets.

STAGE CRAFT – Interested campers can help design and construct sets for camp drama productions and evening activities in the Stage Craft Workshop.

WOODWORKING - Our Woodworking Studio is fully equipped and ready to undertake the wildest of projects!  Campers have made everything from mail boxes and clocks to napkin holders and leather-seated chairs with the help of our instructors!  Campers are only limited by their imagination and our supply of wood!

PHOTOGRAPHY – Campers are provided digital cameras and taught the basics of photography by specialty instructors. Advanced students will receive instruction in the use of Photoshop and photo correction. Camper photos will be displayed daily in the dining hall during meals.

Click here for our Creative Arts Program Flyer.

 We LOVE the ARTS!

When it comes to ART whether it be performing, media related or visual, we think you’ll agree, you won’t find a more comprehensive program than you’ll find right here!

PLUS 65 OTHER ACTIVITIES!   All Arts, Sports & Adventure Activities!


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