Our Youngest Campers...

For 58 years Camp Lohikan has provided quality summer camp experiences to children as young as six.  We're experts when it comes to meeting the needs of our youngest campers and making them feel comfortable living in the overnight camp environment. 

From the minute the camper steps foot into camp, we provide an atmosphere designed to make them feel safe, secure, and accepted.  Lohikan is a place where it's easy to make friends!

How do we do it?  Staffing is a key element.  A senior staff composed of professionals (most of whom return year after year) and a mix of new and returning counselor staff members are well-trained and help maintain our tradition of providing a positive, nurturing camp environment.

Another element contributing to the comfort level of our young campers is our Camp Program.  Our noncompetitive activity program for 1st through 4th graders is designed for the developmental needs and abilities of young campers and provides numerous opportunities for learning and success.  Our evening program and special events are designed to promote camaraderie within each age group and build excitement throughout the summer.

Quality Meals, Cabin Housing and Program Facilities are also important factors for meeting the needs of campers but when it comes to what's most important... our Culture of Safety tops the list.



First and foremost, camp must be safe and campers must be supervised.  Our campers are supervised around the clock.  First through fourth graders travel as a cabin group with their counselors to every activity and are never out of the sight of at least one of their cabin counselors.  Free times, meals, and night times are all counselor supervised.

All staff members are trained in safety and emergency procedures.  All instructors are appropriately certified and have their skills confirmed during a 9-day staff orientation period.

All camp equipment is the very best available and designed to ensure the maximum safety of our campers. Safety procedures for each activity are carefully reviewed with campers and strictly enforced.

Camp Lohikan is accredited by the American Camping Association and is inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  We have always exceeded their standards for accreditation and licensure.

Medical care is provided by a physician and 5 registered nurses all of whom reside on campgrounds.  Campers are supervised daily for good grooming, personal cleanliness and appropriate dress.  Wellness checks are conducted weekly.

In addition to the above, Lohikan's Culture of Safety is marked by an on-going review and evaluation of our program, staff, and camp operation in an effort to examine every predictable, expected and unexpected scenario that could compromise the health or safety of a child or adult in camp.  We are committed to maintaining the highest of health and safety standards.



Over fifty years of camping has taught us that one of the most important elements necessary to ensure an enjoyable and successful summer for your child is the personal quality and character of his or her counselors.  It stands to reason, therefore, that we spare neither expense nor time in interviewing and selecting the right counselors for our campers.  We place special emphasis on recruiting individuals with counseling experience and demonstrated ability to relate to children.  We also search for individuals who will be positive role models for our campers because we know that, especially in camp, we teach best by example.

Over 50% of Lohikan's staff traditionally returns to camp the following summer, which allows us to assign an experienced Lohikan staff member to each cabin.  This means a lot to our campers.  All counselors employed at Camp Lohikan are at least sophomores enrolled in college and 19 years old.  The average age of our cabin staff is consistently greater than 21 years.

At least 2 counselors are assigned to every cabin and these counselors live in the cabin with their campers.  A minimum of 2 counselors will always be present with their campers throughout the day, i.e., activity periods, rest periods, meal times, evening program, at night after the campers retire.  The campers are supervised 24 hours a day. 

In addition to counselor supervision, the cabin's group leader/division director and members of the camp's senior staff provide additional adult supervision during the day and night.   The overall cabin counselor to camper ratio for our 1st through 4th graders is 1 to 3.  If the group leader/division director and the other supervisory senior staff members are included, the ratio is even better than 1 staff member to 3 campers.

Counselors employed for our youngest campers are carefully screened and selected for their ability to relate to and care for young children.  Counselors of the 1st grade through 4th grade cabins work more directly with the younger children than do counselors of our older campers.  They do everything from making sure that their campers take showers and change their clothes to tying shoes and seeing that they eat well.  These staff members serve as surrogate moms to our youngest campers and must have demonstrated appropriate temperament before qualifying for assignment.  Our 9-day orientation period is spent training counselors in camp procedures and evaluating them for cabin placement. 

Cabin counselors and campers are supported by the camp's senior staff.  The senior staff member who works directly with members of the junior cabin group is the group leader/division director.  The group leader/division director is the senior staff member who monitors the camper's daily progress in the camp program and maintains contact with the camper's parents.  The group leader/division director is a teacher or child-care professional during the school year.




Nothing is more important than the first day of camp.  From the minute a child gets on the camp bus or drives into Camp Lohikan, he or she is made to feel welcome.  It starts with a warm greeting and the knowledge that you're in good hands.  Cabin counselors help the new campers settle in and make introductions.  Lunch, camp tours, medical check-ins, swimming evaluations and more cabin introductions round out the afternoon on the first day.  After dinner there's canteen/game room, flagpole assembly and the first evening activity... the Welcome Campfire! 

The building of great relationships begins the first day.  Our goal of making sure that every camper makes 2 new friends (another camper and a staff member) by the end of their first day has never failed!



Activities for our youngest campers are adjusted to account for the different abilities and the stamina level of young campers.  These children require more rest time, earlier bedtimes, and more structured transitions between activities.  For the most part, all of the camp's arts, sports and adventure activities are made available to our young campers; we just modify them in developmentally appropriate ways.  For example, in our water skiing program, we start the young campers off with an aqua board rather than a pair of skis.

First through fourth graders travel together with their cabin counselors to a schedule of activities that is designed to appeal to the gender and age of the cabin group.  Close supervision throughout the day is accomplished by keeping the cabin group together with their counselors.

Six days a week there's a period of swimming instruction and free swim in the cabin-structured junior schedule.  Every week there's 3 periods of tennis instruction, and one period of horseback riding.  Land and water sports, arts activities and adventure activities are scheduled every day.  Other activities appear 1 to 4 times a week depending upon the age, gender and interest of the cabin group.  Activities scheduled in the junior cabin's weekly program include:



Instruction is provided in all of the activities we offer and is geared to the ability level of the individual camper.  Our instructors are staff members who have demonstrated the skills and the temperament required to teach beginners as well as advanced level campers.  All activity instructors hold appropriate certification and have documented experience teaching the area of their specialty.  All of the activities provide a balanced offering of instruction and participation.



The close supervision that junior campers require is only possible with a cabin structured format.  But what happens if the child isn't interested in the activity offered?  What's unique about Lohikan's cabin-structured format is that it's designed to allow for individual choice (electives) within the structured format.  If a camper isn't particularly interested in one activity operated at the site, perhaps the other 2 or 3 activities will do the trick!   And giving the camper some choice is always a good thing.  It builds enthusiasm, maintains camper interest and promotes independence.

The way we're able to accomplish electives within the cabin-structured, counselor-supervised format is by locating certain activity sites in close proximity and staffing certain activity departments so as to offer a number of activities at the same time.  No matter what activity is scheduled the campers are always within the sight of their counselors.

Activity departments offering choices to 1st through 4th graders include:

Field Sports: Soccer, baseball, flag football, kickball, Frisbee.

Creative Arts Activities: Pottery, Woodworking, T-Shirt Factory, Woodworking, Rocketry, Arts & Crafts Workshops, i.e., painting, drawing, leather crafts, enameling, mosaics, beading, paper making, lanyards, stained glass, basket weaving, mask making, etc.

Performing Arts Activities: dance, music, drama, circus arts (Circus Arts and Flying Trapeze are also separately scheduled activities which appear in the junior cabin schedule.)

Waterfront Activities: canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, paddle boats, boating, fishing and lake park, i.e., water trampoline, rolling log, Tarzan swing, giant lake water slide, lake iceberg, etc.

Arena Sports Activities: Gymnastics, basketball (Basketball is also a separately scheduled junior cabin activity.), volleyball, newcomb, and ga ga.



Parents are sometimes apprehensive about sending their child to sleep-away camp for the first-time.  Will my child have fun?  Will he or she adjust to being away from home?  What happens if my child wants to come home? 

At Camp Lohikan we pride ourselves on the quality of our camp operation.  We are also very proud of our over 50 year record of success with first-time campers.  First-time campers are a special group of children.  This is their first sleep-away experience and, for many, it's the first time away from mom and dad.  Most children will readily make the adjustment to camp life.  Others require special attention.  To the parents of children who attend Camp Lohikan, it's a comfort to know that we stand ready to work with these children one on one in order to ensure that their summer camp experience is a success. 

We are so confident that our summer camp experience will be positive, memorable experience for the first-time camper that we'll guarantee it.  If for any reason a first-time camper decides that camp is not for him or her and returns home, we will refund the camp tuition for the days the camper leaves early.  That's our Great Camp Guarantee!

The best way to ensure a great first-time camp experience is to prepare before camp begins.  Other than practicing sleep-overs, there's a number of things a parent and child can do before the summer begins that will enhance the child's summer experience.  Lohikan's Preparing for Camp Handbook is available by emailing us at info@lohikan.com.



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