Elective Program

Camp Lohikan's Elective Program is the best!

Looking for a great activity program this summer? Well, guess what. You just found it! At Camp Lohikan campers are in for one of the most exciting programs available in camping today! Starting with our 5th graders, campers get to pick every single activity in their schedule! You want to go Horseback Riding or do Archery, Tennis, Waterskiing everyday? Well, at Camp Lohikan you can do just that! Everyday, twice a day or never!

Camp Lohikan features over 65 daily activities which operate on a daily basis. All of the 65 activities are included in the tuition at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Included are all supplies and necessary equipment.

Instruction in each activity is geared to the ability level of the individual camper. Our instructors are staff members who have demonstrated the skill and temperament required to teach beginners as well as advanced level campers. All activity instructors hold appropriate certification and documented experience to teach the activity. In addition to instruction, in the case of our sports activities, recreational time is also scheduled so games can be played. Here's what you get to choose from:

  • EQUESTRIAN PROGRAM - Horseback Riding - (English, dressage, jumping, trail rides, horseback overnights, horse care). One period per week is included in the camp tuition. Our new indoor riding ring allows us to ride even when it rains!
  • AQUATICS PROGRAM - American Red Cross Swimming Instruction - Daily Free Swim Periods - Waterskiing - Windsurfing – Paddle Boating - Fishing - Sailing - Canoeing - Kayaking - Boating - Paddle Boarding - Snorkeling - CPR and First Aid classes - Banana Boating - Rave Water Trampoline - Iceberg Jumping - Rolling Log - Tarzan Swing
  • TEAM SPORTS - Baseball - Softball (t-ball too!) - Soccer - Lacrosse - Flag Football - Kickball - Roller Hockey - Basketball - Volleyball (newcomb for younger campers) - Field Hockey
  • INDIVIDUAL SPORTS - Tennis - Gymnastics - Bungee Trampoline - Riflery - Archery - Golf - Skateboarding - Wrestling - Inline Skating - Martial Arts (karate, judo) - Weight Lifting / Training - Fencing - Tetherball - Cheerleading - Track - Frolf - Frisbee - Ping Pong - Badminton - Ga Ga
  • COMPLETE ADVENTURE PROGRAM - Rock Climbing and Rappelling - Orienteering - Manhunt - Hiking - Back Packing - Mountain Cycling - Quad Riding (ATV 4-Wheelers) - Dirt Bike Riding - Mountain Boarding - High & Low Ropes Course (including zip line) - Nature Studies and Crafts
  • CIRCUS ARTS PROGRAM - Flying Trapeze - Circus Arts (juggling, clowning, rolling globe, circus bike, fire eating, tight wire, acrobatics, mini trampoline, unicycle, spanish web, magic). Our new circus building includes an indoor flying trapeze. We fly even when it rains!
  • CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM (15 Separate Workshops!) - Arts and Crafts (stained glass, papier mache, plaster art, fimo jewelry, paper making, block printing, enameling, bead crafts, lanyards, basket weaving, macrame, braiding, needle craft, string art, puppetry, nature crafts) - T-Shirt Factory (fabric painting, batiking, silk screening, tie dyeing, t-shirt design) - Leather Craft - Painting/Drawing (acrylic, water color, charcoal, pencil, cartooning, calligraphy) - Air Brush - Pottery (throwing, glazing, firing of pots) - Ceramics (casting, glazing and firing of molds) - Sculpting (clay sculpting) - Rocketry - Woodworking - Photography - Video Production - Newspaper - Computers - Radio Broadcasting
  • FULL PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM - Dance (modern, jazz, ballet, tap, choreography, improvisation, movement, aerobics) - Theatre Program (musicals, dramas, mime, monologue, improvisation, scripting, tech theatre, costuming & make-up, scene design & construction, lighting, sound engineering - Music (guitar, keyboards, drums, singing, song writing)
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES - Cooking - Chess - Billiards
  • EXTRA PROGRAM ACTIVITIES - All of the activities listed above are included in the camp tuition for as many periods as the camper desires. There are 4 extra program activities which are not included in the camp tuition. Jet Skiing, Quad Riding (4 wheelers), Dirt Bike Riding, and Paintball participation require special parental permission and an extra program fee. Jet Skiing, Quad Riding, and Dirt Bike Riding are charged at the rate of $15.00 per period. Paintball operates in a block of 3-4 periods and is charged at the rate of $30.00 per session. Horseback Riding is included in the camp tuition for 1 period every week. There is no charge for participation in horse shows or horseback overnights. Additional riding lessons are available at the rate of $15.00 per period.
  • SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: Academic Tutoring - ESL Studies. Most of Lohikan’s senior staff are certified teachers qualified to provide private tutoring in a wide variety of subjects. The private tutoring rate is $20.00 per half hour session.


Our 12-page catalog explains how you go about picking activities and how your parents can give you total or partial control of your activity schedule. It’s available by calling 908-470-9317.

But the best part of the Elective Program is...

Campers are guaranteed to get at least 15 PERIODS of instruction each week in ANY of the activities you select. And the “15 period” guarantee is just a minimum guarantee! Usually more instruction can be scheduled if you want it!

We have some campers who schedule all sports activities. Other campers schedule all arts or waterfront or adventure activities. At Lohikan you can "specialize" in any activity area you want. And you'll be participating in activities with campers from your division who have the same interests as you. We’ve found that a great way to widen your circle of friends! And it's FUN!

In the case of super juniors and intermediates (10 to 12 year olds), boys are scheduled activities with boys and girls are scheduled activities with girls. In the case of seniors (13 and older), certain activities are scheduled as coed activities (i.e. waterfront activities, creative arts activities, performing arts activities and horseback riding).

The Elective 100% Individualized Program at Lohikan has proven to be a real winner with intermediates and seniors. It's the only Elective Program we know of where parents are given optional control over what activities appear and how many periods are scheduled for their child.

It's also one of the few Individualized Elective Program we know of where there is total accountability for the whereabouts of every camper at all times.

When you combine all of the features of our computerized elective program with the huge range of daily activity choices available at Camp Lohikan – it’s clear you’re going to have the BEST SUMMER! And that's exactly our objective…
We intend to make this summer your very best!!

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