Now you can ride horses every day at camp and it’s FREE! Just complete the form below and you’re on your way!
The “Ride Every Day Program” is available to first-time Lohikan campers who are beginner through advanced riders. Participants are evaluated and assigned to one of four skill classes. Instruction is provided in small groups with an instructor to camper ratio better than 1 to 5. Campers receive instruction in English equitation and also participate in recreational trail rides.
Included in the program are Horse Shows (scheduled every two weeks) and Horseback Overnights (scheduled every week). It’s a comprehensive program designed to teach riding skills in a safe, fun, supportive atmosphere. If you like to ride, this is the place for you!!!
Good News! Lohikan also operates a Horse Care Clinic where you can learn everything you need to know about taking care of your own horse. Click here for the Horse Care Clinic information. It’s FREE too!
The “Ride Every Day Program” is available to first-time Lohikan campers.
The “Ride Every Day Program” registration form is also downloadable in the PDF format which is easier to print. Click here for the PDF form.
Camp Lohikan in the Pocono mts. of Pennsylvania
A private coed residential summer camp
Owned and operated by the Buynak family since 1957
Email: info@lohikan.com
Business office address
(Mid-September to early June)
Camp Lohikan
PO Box 189
Gladstone, New Jersey 07934, USA
Telephone: 908-470-9317
Summer address
(Mid-June to early September)
Camp Lohikan
343 Wallerville Road
Lake Como, Pennsylvania 18437, USA
Telephone: 570-798-2707, Fax: 570-798-0255