- The History of Camp Lohikan -

It all started in 1957 with the purchase of 250 acres in the highlands of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.  Mike and Arline Buynak attended camp as children and loved the experience.  When the opportunity arose to start a summer camp of their own Mike and Arline jumped at the chance to bring wonderful camp experiences and life-long memories to children.  The rest is history. 

The 250 acres Mike and Arline purchased in the village of Lake Como was developed by Mike and Arline and their sons over the years and now the camp operates as a 1200 acre year-round recreational facility and one of America's finest coed summer camps. 

For more than 40 years Mike and Arline devoted themselves to children and the camping experience.   Individual attention, a deep concern for each youngster and a genuine love for children characterized their direction from the very beginning.   In 1983 the full-time directorship of Lohikan was turned over to their eldest son, Mark, who now continues the Lohikan tradition.

The Camp Director

Mark Buynak is uniquely qualified for the position of Camp Director having literally grown up in Camp Lohikan.   Starting as a camper at the age of 5, Mark participated in every phase of camper life and worked in most of the camp's counseling and supervisory positions.   

A Camp Director with first-hand knowledge of camper life means a lot.   It's evident in the selection of caring counselors and involved supervisors, the design of our dynamic camp program, range of activity choices and even the little, but important, things like how we celebrate camper birthdays and tooth fairy visits.

 Mark and Sandy live and work on the camp grounds every day of the camp season and actively supervise the campers and the camp program. They get to know every camper in camp. If there is a problem, you can count on Mark and Sandy to solve it. Their "hands-on" direction ensures that the care and safety of each child is always the highest priority.Mark is joined in the directorship of Camp Lohikan by his wife, Sandy.  They are "hands-on" directors, involved in every facet of daily camp life.  They have 4 children attending camp and are sensitive to the concerns parents face when entrusting the care and well-being of their children to others.  Their "hands-on" direction ensures that the care and safety of each child is always the highest priority.

Camp Lohikan's reputation for quality child care and its tradition of rich summer experiences, wonderful life-long friendships and days filled with non-stop fun continues for its 61st season under the ownership and direction of the Buynak family.  This will be Mark's 35th year directing Camp Lohikan.