- Camp Lohikan's Facilities -

Camp Lohikan is situated on 1200 acres and located high in the northeast Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.   The campsite is surrounded by preserved forested landscape and overlooks picturesque streams, a private lake and miles of mountain vistas.  The mountain air at a quarter mile above sea level is clean and dry.  Summer days are typically warm and the nights are cool.  It’s the ideal location for summer camp!

Centrally located on the campsite are 50 buildings, over 40,000 square feet of indoor activity facilities, a heated swimming pool, private lake, and top notch facilities to support our extensive arts, sports and adventure programs.  Each year we allocate approximately 10% of our gross revenue to facility maintenance and development.  Our campers look forward to “what’s new at camp” and they appreciate the fact that we work hard to make the camp facility and camp experience the BEST!


- Facility Details -