• Complete the form below and you'll be presented with an Official Camp Lohikan T-shirt at our Spring Open House, year-round camp tours or anytime at camp during the summer.
  • The Camp Lohikan Treasure Hunt is a contest for first-time Lohikan campers. It's a fun way for our "First-Timeers" to familiarize themselves with the camp layout and the many activities available in the daily program.
  • A copy of our campsite map is available by calling our Winter Office at 908-470-9317 or emailing us at info@lohikan.com.
  • The Map Game is limited to children between the ages 6-15.  Winners are limited to one prize.  Winners do not have to be enrolled campers however prizes are awarded in person at the campsite. 



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* If you haven't received our camp brochure and don't have a "Winner's Code", don't worry.  Give us a call at 908-470-9317 (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm E.S.T.) and we'll be happy to give you a winner's code.